Sunday, December 9, 2012


Santa Monica to Manhattan Beach

A couple Saturdays ago the long run called for 14 miles. As it happens, my front door in Santa Monica to Manhattan Beach is exactly 14 miles. So I ran the length of the coast of Santa Monica bay.

From breezy Santa Monica, through the grungy stink of Venice, past the bobbing yachts in the Marina, through the wide-open beaches of El Segundo, hard-partying Dockweiler, and finally the multimillion dollar mansions of Manhattan Beach... it was nothing short of amazing. Traversing through the tapestry of cultures that make up the shoreline was akin to running across a continent.

Dare I say that I'm looking forward to when I can go for 20 miles?


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Wake up. Work. Run. Work. Sleep. Repeat.

I never imagined that finding the 60 minutes to run would be more challenging that the run itself. Here's the last two weeks:

Week 12 miles: 27.9
Week 13 miles: 19.79
Total training miles: 213

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